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Changing osd configuration without restarting

If you want to change some settings in your OSDs but you don’t want to reboot them this is the way to do it. There are two ways to change the settings on the osd:

If you are in a server where a specific OSD is running on like the OSD.3 in the example, you can use ceph daemon command to get and set settings on the OSD:

# ceph daemon osd.3 config get osd_deep_scrub_interval
    "osd_deep_scrub_interval": "604800"
 ceph daemon osd.3 config set osd_deep_scrub_interval 4838400
"success": "osd_deep_scrub_interval = '4.8384e+06' "

If you want to change settings in remote OSDs or you want to change all OSDs at once you can use injectargs:

ceph tell osd.4 injectargs '--osd-deep-scrub-interval 4838400'
osd_deep_scrub_interval = '4.8384e+06'

To change all of them:

ceph tell osd.* injectargs '--osd-deep-scrub-interval 4838400'