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Resize vps disk in an automated way

This is the commands I run to resize automatically the VPS disks when I have resized the disk through Proxmox interface.


# This is only needed if you use GPT type tables
echo "Fix" | /usr/local/sbin/parted  ---pretend-input-tty /dev/sdb print
# Resize partition 1 using all the space
/usr/local/sbin/parted /dev/sdb resizepart 1 100%
#  I use LVM so the physical volume must be resized first
pvresize /dev/sdb1
# Resize the logical volume using all space available
lvresize /dev/vgdata/home -l +100%FREE
# Finally notify file system to use all the space
resize2fs /dev/vgdata/home

Note: I use parted 3.2, if your distribution comes with an older one uninstall it and install it from sources

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