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Bacula: migrate database from mysql to postgresql

I’ve followed these steps to migrate bacula database from mysql 5.1.49 to postgresql 8.4.9. I am running bacula 5.2.3 compiled from sources on Debian Squeeze.

1- Install postgresql database:

# apt-get install postgresql-8.4 postgresql-server-dev-8.4 postgresql-client-8.4

2- Compile and install bacula with postgresql support:

# cd /usr/src/bacula-5.2.5
# ./configure --with-postgresql --with-openssl --with-python
# make install

3- Create bacula user on postgresql:

# su - postgres
# psql -d template1 -U postgres
template1=# CREATE USER bacula WITH PASSWORD 'myPassword';

4- Create bacula database

# sh /etc/bacula/create_postgresql_database

5- Create database tables

# sh /etc/bacula/make_postgresql_tables

6- Grant privilejes on bacula database to bacula user.

# sh /etc/bacula/grant_postgresql_privileges

7- take dump file from mysql. I’ve used this script to take the mysql dump and change some fields, like zero timestamp that does not fit with postgresql.

#!/bin/perl -w

my $line=undef;
my $catalog="bacula";

system ("mysqldump --single-transaction --compatible=postgresql --compact --no-create-info $catalog > $catalog.sql");
print "$catalog dump completed!\n";
open FD_CAT, "<$catalog.sql";
open FD_OUT, ">out-$catalog.sql";
while (<FD_CAT>)
 if (m/^(INSERT\s+INTO\s+\")(\w+)(\"\s+.+)$/){          
   $line=~ s/\\\'/\'\'/g;
   $line=~ s/\'0000-00-00 00:00:00\'/to_timestamp\(0\)/g;
   print FD_OUT "$line\n";
   print "line not found: $_";

close (FD_CAT);
close (FD_OUT);
print "Dump filtered commpleted for $catalog\n";

8- Import dump file into postgresql

# psql -d bacula -f out-bacula.sql

9- Change the catalog definition in bacula-dir.conf from mysql to postgresql

Edit /etc/bacula-dir.conf and change driver and port

dbdriver = "dbi:postgresql"; dbaddress =; dbport =5432

10- Restart bacula director.

# /etc/init.d/bacula-dir restart

One thought to “Bacula: migrate database from mysql to postgresql”

  1. This was helpful except you left out one key thing:

    The database must be re sequenced. If this is not done, your jobs will fail.

    This is for RHEL based installs. Bacula 7 uses instead of dbi connections. You have to change this to use the postgresql entry:

    alternatives –set

    Refer to this entry:

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